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Welcome to Flingster; your number one hotspot for flings.

We make it extremely easy for you to either post an ad or browse through ads of other users. On Flingster, you will have the ability to post ads when in need of a quick fling. You can also browse through the ads of other users in order to find someone nearby to hook-up with. We make everything simple, from posting the ads, to searching for people in a specific area.

What We Do

You’ve most likely seen tons of online classified ad sites where people post ads of items for sale and other people purchase them outside of the site. That’s exactly what Flingster is like, only instead of selling items, people use this site in search of quick flings. We’re the middleman between you and other singles in your area. Post an ad by specifying the type of person you’d like to have fun with or search the online ads to see if someone in your area seems like a good fit. At Flingster, we bring people together.

Ease of Use

We know how important it is to keep things as simple as possible; you don’t want a complex site, you want to find some fun. That’s why we kept Flingster as simple as could be. You can post ads without even having to sign up and you can have an ad filled out in just minutes. The best thing about our website is that your ad will be posted live instantly; it won’t go through approval and you won’t have to wait hours before seeing it appear online.

When searching through the various ads, you’ll notice how simplicity comes back. We kept the browsing aspect also as simple as could be by allowing you to view everything from one page. You don’t have to browse through profiles and then return to the original search screen. Just pick a city and then choose specific criteria to narrow down your search even more such as women searching for men or by selecting a specific age group.

Flings, Worldwide

Flingster allows you to search for people in your country, regardless of where you’re located. With loads of countries to choose from and new countries constantly being added to the list, you will be able to find a fling in no time.

We plan on adding new countries to the list for as long as our doors will remain open. Our ultimate goal is to become the worldwide connection between you and a quick fling. So whether you’re looking for a quick one-night-stand or even if you want to meet someone to become your long-term “friend with benefits”, Flingster is exactly what you need.