About Flingster!

Our website focuses only on one thing; bringing local strangers together for some “romantic” fun. With no strings attached, you can meet someone who physically lives near you who wants to have some fun. We make this magic happen by giving you an environment where you can post ads stating what you’re searching for in a specific region, or you can browse through the ads that are already posted.

Dating & Personals sites may not be a new concept, but we aim to be the best available. Flingter’s competitors have been launched nearly a decade ago; they are old, outdated and complex. We strive to bring you the easiest to use environment on the internet and with less than 3 mouse clicks, your own ad can be posted and live within minutes. You don’t even need to create an account in order to post or view ads on Flingster; isn’t it amazing!

The Flingster Team

Our team doesn’t work on a campus like those who work for Google and we don’t have billion dollar budgets, but we do make sure that our team feels right at home. Every single member of the Flingster team has been with us for a long time and most have worked together on other projects. This makes us feel like a small family; we can count on each other.

Why is this important? It’s important because feeling like a family is the first step towards bringing you quality content and features. As we brainstorm, we don’t do so with the goal of making money, we have fun. Rather than sitting in an office with a paper and a pen, we discuss business ideas over a couple of drinks.

We have writers, moderators who verify that the posts are on topic, programmers and more who all love Flingster. Together, we constantly work hard towards bringing you more cities and more fun!

Our Vision

The idea for Flingster came to us several years ago, but we waited for the perfect moment to launch the site. Today, quick flings and sexual pleasures without any strings attached are seemingly the most important aspect of everyday life. Our vision is to bring you the easiest way possible to find quick flings in your region.

Flingster has a main goal of being the best in the industry; not because we want to become as rich as Mark Zuckerberg, but because we want to make sure that finding local flings remains free for generations to come. For decades, flings were free; you walked up to a person you found attractive and asked them if they were interested in having some fun. Today, most local fling sites and online dating sites require you to make monthly payments or have one-time fees. Flingster is 100% free and will remain that way for it’s entire existence.

Our vision also extends to becoming a worldwide solution for local flings. Although the site originates from the United States, we want to help people from all countries be able to find quick fun with locals. Be it in Germany, Russia, Great Britain or even Canada, we want have a goal of making Flingster a worldwide household name.

Fun Facts About Flingster

Before letting you enter the wonderful world of Flingster, we want to leave you with some fun facts. Remember to always search for flings responsibly and have the time of your life!

  • Flingster is one of the only quick fling sites to offer their services for free. Other sites of this kind charge monthly fees or one-time fees. You should never have to pay for a fun night.
  • Members of the Flingster team are actually located worldwide. We have writers from Canada, programmers from California and even have some moderators from Europe. We truly believe in becoming a worldwide website.
  • Although Flingster has been an idea for several years, it only took a matter of days to build the site and get the first posts up. Our team spent long nights and several coffee pots building this site in a short amount of time.
  • We support worldwide causes. You may occasionally notice help messages around the site where we direct you towards fundraisers. Whether it be a city that recently experienced a flood or even a small town that lived through a terrible experience, we enjoy helping others. If you feel like helping out, we would be very appreciative!
  • Flingster is absolutely anonymous! Nobody will ever know you answered a post or posted a message on this site.